Lavod Waterproof bag for iPhone 4

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Lavod Waterproof bag for iPhone 4/4S or 4.5″ Moblile Cell Phone with earphones, Retail Box , 1 year warranty

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    LAVOD Waterproof bag for iPhone 4/4S or 4.5″ Moblile Cell Phone with earphones Retail Box 1 year warranty 
    Armband | Necklace Type 
    Product Overview
    The Lavod LMB-019 Music Bag is a full set combination of waterproof armband and necklace,pounch bag, waterproof earphone and microphone. It is lavod’s flagship model.Now, finally you have the freedom to talk hands-free in the beach or swimming pool. The pouch can protect your beloved mobile devices from being damaged by water ,and the waterproof earphone and microphone can allow you to answer, reply the in coming call as elegance as possible,

    Waterproof Bag for iPhone 4/4s, 5s, Galaxy SII or any 4.5” size mobile devices
    Armband and Necklace type
    Devices can be used for up to 20 meters deep under water
    Easily floats on water for any hand free phone talk
    Clear transparent and soft material for easy operation
    100% protection from water, sand and dust.
    Patent pending ABS locking system
    and PVC material which can resist from strong acid
    Waterproof earphone with remote control & MIC
    Internal 3.5mm phone jack audio cable suitable for all MP3 players
    – Earphone Specifications
    Speaker driver diameter:10mm
    Frequency range:20-20k (Hz)
    Maximum power input: 10mW
    Plug diameter:3.5mm
    Compliant with IPX8 waterproof standard

    Package Content
    Waterproof Bag
    Waterproof earphone (ear-hanger type)
    Earbud set
    Adjustable armband
    Necklace strap