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Goldtool Multi-Network Cable Tester, Retail Box, 1 Year waranty

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    Goldtool LAN Cable Tester -Multi network cable tester-BNC and RJ45 (UTP /STP) cabling, Standards: EIA / TIA, 568A, 568B,356A and token ring, Retail Box, 1 year warranty

    Product Overview
    The Goldtool Multi-network cable tester { TCT-101} is specified to quickly test by auto scanning the wires continuity, miswiring and polarization in your network cables, thin Ethernet(BNC) / 10 Base-T(UTP/STP) / 356A / TIA-568A / TIA-568B / Token Ring. By using the attached remote terminator, you can easily test the cable  before or after the cables are installed. It also allows  you to test the ground of shielded twisted pairs cable. Powered by 1x 9V PP3 type battery (not supplied).

    EIA / TIA, 568A, 568B, 356A and token ring.
    It supports the following tests: Wire continuity, type of cabling, termination (BNC), shielded (UTP /STP).
    Testing before and or after installation possible
    Packing Contents
    BNC Terminator
    Carrying Case included.

    Size:104 x 70 x 36 mm
    Weight (kg): 0.255