Goldtool Coax Mapper 4 Ways

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Goldtool Coax Mapper 4 Ways, Retail Box, 1 Year waranty

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    Goldtool Coax Cable Mapper 4 ID Finder with Toner-Handheld testing device designed for CATV and Security Installers , Retail Box, 1 year warranty

    Product Overview
    The Goldtool Coax Cable Mapper {TCT-124} 4 ID Finder with Toner is a  handheld testing device designed for CATV and security installers to test multi-run coaxial cable systems terminated with “F” or BNC connectors. or those who wish to map runs to a central bundle. It has the ability to put a tone signal on a coax cable, which can be traced using an audio frequency toner tracer.  With four  unique identifier test terminators, it is ideal for mapping coax installations.

    Please Note:
    The Goldtool Coax Cable Mapper  and Locator will not test cable runs with AC or DC voltage present. Also it will not test through amplifiers, DC blocking devices or isolation splitters.


    • Visual and audio alert of OPEN/SHORT conditions
    • Displays PASS when no failures are indicated
    • Battery low indicator
    • ID finder storage in bottom of unit
    • Tone Generator
    • Four  unique identifier test terminators

    Troubleshoot, identify and map multi-run coax cable connected to:
    • Televisions
    • Monitors
    • Security cameras
    • Routers
    • Splitters

    Packing Contents
    •Master unit
    •Four  IDs
    •BNC adapter
    •Travel bag