Freecom Card For Secure Drive

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Freecom Card For Secure Drive, Retail Box, 1 year warranty

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    Freecom CARD FOR SECURE DRIVE Retail Box 2 year warranty
    Product Overview

    The Hard Drive Secure introduces a new standard of data security for external hard drives. This USB hard drive can be locked and unlocked by presenting a tag (in credit card format) to the drive. Only this unique combination will enable you to use the drive and access the data. Meaning your data is safe from unwanted access from unauthorized persons. How much safer can you get?

    The secure hard drive!
    You hear about it almost every day – somebody somewhere loses his external hard drive or USB stick, and all kinds of confidential information (government information, credit card details etc.) is out there, for everybody to see. If these drives fall into the wrong hands, it could have a potentially disastrous
    effect for a lot of people. FreeCom recognizes the need for a secure external hard drive. The FreeCom Hard Drive Secure is a new concept of data protection. Your drive is not protected with a password, but with an encrypted security key card in the format of a credit card. Only by presenting this key card to the drive will you get access to the drive, and thereby to your data. Without the key card there is no way the data can be read by unauthorized persons.

    •RFID Security
    •Credit Card size