BTI Acer Extensa 5120

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BTI Acer Extensa 5120, 5210, 5220, 5420, 5430, 5610, 5620, 7120, 7420 -10.8V, 4400mAh -6 Cells, Retail Box , 18 months warranty

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    BTI Acer Extensa 5120, 5210, 5220, 5420, 5430, 5610, 5620, 7120, 7420 -10.8V, 4400mAh -6 Cells Retail Box 18 month warranty
    Product Description
    Need a battery for your laptop/notebook? BTI has you covered with this premium 6 cell 4400 mAh 10.8v lithium-ion battery . Manufactured by BTI and built to the highest quality standards, this battery meets or exceeds the original manufacturer’s specifications and comes with a industry leading 18 month warranty.

    This product is compatible with the following OEM part number(s):

    • Product Type-Notebook Battery
    • Brand Name-BTI
    • Manufacturer-Battery Technology, Inc.
    • Product Model-AR-EX5420X3
    • Product Name-Notebook Battery
    • Manufacturer Part Number-AR-EX5420X3
    • Battery Capacity-4400 mAh
    • Battery Rechargeable-Yes
    • Battery Chemistry-Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
    • Output Voltage 10.8 V DC

    Please Look for your Notebook Model number here

    Acer Extensa
    5220-1A1G12Mi, 5220-201G16Mi, 5220-2090, 5220-2385, 5220-301G12_Linux, 5220-301G12_VHB, 5220-302G12Mi, 5220-302G16Mi, 5420-5038, 5420-5338, 5620-2A1G16Mi, 5620-2A2G12MI, 5620-2A2G16Mi, 5620-2A2G32Mi,
    5620-3A1G16, 5620-4321, 5620-4677, 5620-4801, 5620-5B1G16, 5620-5B1G16Mn, 5620-5B2G16N, 5620-5B2G25Mi, 5620-5B2G25Mn, 5620-5B3G32Mi, 5620-5B4G32Mn, 5620-602G25Mi, 5620-604G25Mi, 5620-6832, 5620-6846,
    5620-6A2G16_VB, 5620-6A2G16_VHP, 5620G-2A2G32Mi, 5620G-2A3G25Mi, 5620G-3A2G16, 5620G-5A3G25Mi, 5620G-5B2G16Mn, 5620G-602G32Mi, 5620G-832G32Mn, 5620Z, 5620Z-2A0512, 5620Z-2A2G12Mi, 5620Z-2A2G16,
     5620Z-4A1G12 LNX, 5620Z-4A1G12Mi, 5620Z-4A1G16Mi, 5620Z-4A2G16_VHP, 5620Z-4A2G16Mi, 5620Z-4A2G32Mi, 7220-1A2G16 LNX, 7220-202G16Mi, 7620-4021, 7620G-5A1G16Mi, 7620G-5B3G25Mn, 7620G-602G32Mi, 7620G-6A2G25Mi

    Acer TravelMate 5315-201G12Mi, 5320-1A2G25Mi, 5320-2708, 5320-2818, 5320-302G16Mi, 5320-302G25Mi, 5520-5880, 5520-7A3G25Mi, 5520-7A3G32Mi, 5520G-501G25, 5710G-101G12, 5710G-101G16, 5720-2A1G16Mi, 5720-2A2G16, 5720-2A2G16Mi, 5720-2A2G25Mi, 5720-2A3G16Mi, 5720-4A1G16Mi, 5720-4A2G16, 5720-4A2G16Mi, 5720-4A2G25Mi, 5720-4A2G32, 5720-4A2G32MN, 5720-4A3G16Mi, 5720-4A3G25Mi, 5720-4A3G32Mi, 5720-4A3G32MN, 5720-4A4G25Mi, 5720-5B1G16Mn, 5720-5B2G25Mn, 5720-5B2G25N, 5720-5B4G25Mi, 5720-5B4G25N, 5720-5B4G32Mn, 5720-602G16Mn, 5720-602G32MN, 5720-6525, 5720-6732, 5720-6798, 5720-6B2G25Mi, 5720-6B3G25, 5720-814G32Mn, 5720-832G25Mn, 5720-934G32Mn, 5720G-4A2G32MN, 5720G-4A3G32MN, 5720G-5B2G32Mi, 5720G-5B3G32MN, 5720G-603G32MN, 5720G-603G32N, 5720G-604G32Mn, 6592-812G16Mn, 6592G-602G12MN, 6592G-602G16Mi, 6592G-812G16Mn, 6592G-812G25MN – 3G, 6592G-834G25Mn, 6592G-934G25N, 7520-5585, 7520-5863, 7520-7A2G25, 7720-2A2G16Mi, 7720-2A3G16Mi, 7720-4A3G16Mi, 7720-5B2G16Mn, 7720-5B2G25Mn, 7720-5B3G25Mi, 7720-812G125Mn, 7720-812G25N, 7720-863G32Mn, 7720-934G32Mn, 7720-934G50Mn, 7720G-833G32N, 7720G-932G50Mn, 7720G-934G25Mn, 7720G-944G50Mn